Mega Fans On Fire: Bholaa Shankar Is Top 1 & 2

Meher Ramesh’s Vedhalam remake, “Bholaa Shankar” is the biggest shocker ever given by Megastar Chiranjeevi to his fans and they are yet to come out of it. Sadly, when the film premiered on Netflix last Friday, there were not many takers for it and the film hasn’t even entered the Top 10 charts of the OTT giant while Gopichand’s Rama Banam made its presence felt there.

Ever since the film Bholaa Shankar got trolled on social media for not being able to make it to the Top 10, it looks like mega fans took things seriously. They have not only urged all the fans and movie lovers to catch up on the film on Netflix, they themselves started to watch it. And the situation at the moment is that Megastar’s Bholaa Shankar is trending in both the Top 1 and Top 2 positions. Wonder why?

When the Telugu version of Bholaa Shankar started to trend, even the Hindi audience got curious about it and started to watch the movie. Now that led to the Bholaa Shankar Telugu version trending at No.1 position, while the Hindi version is trending at No.2 position. Looks like Mega fans are on fire and their hard work really paid off to make the movie trend on Netflix.