Star Hero Losing Money Over Caste Feeling!

These days many Telugu star heroes are busy producing other small films and trying to sell them to OTTs. And one of the star heroes actually came up with a couple of small-budgeted movies recently. But the twist is that his belief in caste-feeling over content is actually costing him huge. Here’s how it is happening.

Apparently, the star hero is picking up good scripts but is said to be picking only those narrated by the folks who belong to his caste and community. This is leading to the dearth of creativity in the end and they are making only a mediocre product.

When the product is not getting sold or not making profits as expected, the star hero is said to be feeling quite sad. Rather than putting money for the sake of caste feeling, the hero should look more into the creativity aspect, isn’t it?

On the other hand, when it comes to giving chances to a couple of directors he employed the same caste-feeling thing, and that too hit him hard. Probably it’s high time for the star to rethink his ‘community feeling’ strategies.