What’s Happening With Navdeep & Drugs Case?

Telugu film actor Navdeep maintained his innocence recently when his name popped up in the fresh drugs case, named Madhapur Drugs Case, being investigated by the Narcotics Bureau of the Telangana state. While saying that he is not the actor being searched by the police, Navdeep knocked on the doors of the High Court for anticipatory bail. And now, he’s likely to get notices under section 41A as the actor is said to be absconding the investigation.

Narcotics Bureau is currently upset over Navdeep’s dual nature as he stated on Twitter that the Narcotics Bureau is searching for another actor named Navdeep but not him, however, he later approached HC for bail after police searched his house for drugs. And today, High Court ordered Navdeep to cooperate with the Bureau for the investigation and asked police to give notices under the 41A section. If Navdeep refuses to cooperate, then the actor might get arrested.

According to reports being shared by Telugu electronic media, Narcotics Burea had strong information and proof about the conversation that happened between drug peddler Ramachander and Navdeep, including WhatsApp chats and call records. For now, his name is included in the chargesheet as a consumer, but if this status changes, then it will be a tough time for the actor ahead.