My Skin Messed Up Due To Steroids -Samantha

Of course, when Samantha is sharing some workout pictures in recent times whether that is from Bali, Indonesia, or Central Park, New York, many have noticed that she’s looking different in each picture in terms of her skin color. Some felt she was wearing makeup, while some felt that she was using filters. Well, what’s the truth about Samantha’s skin?

In a recent interaction with fans on Instagram, Samantha stated that her skin inculcated lots of pigmentation for a reason. “To confront the myositis thing, I’m put on steroids and I’m taking lots of them. Due to that, my skin got messed up as I’ve put on pigmentation”, said Samantha. Then how come it looks a bit glossy in the videos and pictures? She added, “Well, it’s due to the filters (Instagram filters)”.

Back then, when Samantha stopped shooting for Yevadu, and quit that film due to health issues, these were the same rumours that were heard about her skin. Looks like the actress has had some sort of pigmentation issues for a long time. Right now, everyone is wishing a speedy recovery for her, and join the sets of her new movies.