Rahul’s Cryptic Post About Rathika Going Viral

Rathika Rose has been the center of attention since the beginning of Bigg Boss 7. In the ongoing week, she had a heated altercation with fellow contestant Pallava Prashant, which had netizens discussing her fiery temperament. Rumors have been swirling on social media that Rathika was previously in a relationship with Rahul Sipliganj, the winner of Bigg Boss season 3. In the middle of this, Rahul’s Instagram story is now going viral on social media.

When Rathika first entered the Bigg Boss house, she mentioned that she had a heartbreak and while talking to Bigg Boss, she revealed that her ex-boyfriend is more important to her than her parents. Later, she faked being ‘good’ with Pallavi Prashanth. But, shockingly, she nominated him and put him in spot.

Now, she is creating content by being ‘good’ with Prince Yawar. Rathika is putting up a fake show and everyone in the house is aware of the same. In the middle of this, Rahul’s latest Instagram story is going viral on social media.

He did not mention Rathika’s name or the word Bigg Boss. But, his cryptic post seems to be a counter to someone in the house and it looks like targeting Rathika. Because, Rathika shared with Sivaji the other day that she is getting triggered with other housemates bringing the discussion of his ex-boyfriend.