Hero’s Latest Push To This Heroine Raises Eyebrows

The arrival of this heroine into a big project has now created a storm in Tollywood circles as everyone is discussing how she has even bagged this film. This is because the makers wanted to rope in another heroine first, but then they thought that the hero would be suggesting another name, but now, another heroine made an entry into the film. Here’s what the talk is like now.

In fact another National Award-winning actress was initially supposed to be part of this film, but then she was pushed out of the project at the last minute though she has abundant dates available. The hero is said to have pressurised both the director and the producers to take this star heroine who is also a great actress.

They say that the two have got really closer back then when they did a film, but after some time, they have cut off all ties. At a time when rumours are popping up about the hero’s proximity with another diva, pushing this talented heroine into the movie is raising eyebrows now.

On the other hand, some sources maintained that this talented heroine is part of the movie only after the producers worked out a commercial equation that gives a push to the movie at the business level. While none knows the real truth, the discussion about the hero’s closeness to heroines has become the talk of the town now.