Hero Didn’t Like First Look Poster Of His Film

The ‘first look’ of a film that was shot abroad should have been released on the eve of Ganesh Chaturdhi the other day. There were reports everywhere about the title of the movie, but then, the poster release was called off. Many are wondering why the makers have avoided the festival date to release the ‘first look’ and here comes an insider report. 

Reportedly the hero of the film is not happy with the final output of the film while the whole of shooting got wrapped already. He’s said to be suggesting lots of changes and reshoots for the movie. At this juncture, he’s not in the mood to even accept the ‘first look’ poster that was designed under the tutelage of the young director of the project whose previous outings are disasters. Though the producers and other creative teammates of the film are happy with the first look, the hero is said to have advised lots of changes, and that led to disturbance in the team too. That resulted in the cancellation of the first look release anyway. 

On the other hand, the hero is worried that most of his contemporaries have upped the game and reached to next level in their careers, while he is yet to get such a break. Definitely, the hero is also right in his own way, but then, fingering in every creative aspect might not work to his advantage.