After Ten Directors, Will Atlee Pass Allu Arjun’s Test?

It has become more like a tradition for any director in South and Hindi to meet the Icon Star after they deliver a success. The directors meeting the star actors to narrate a story is not uncommon, but the big list of directors meeting Allu Arjun to collaborate and failing to impress the actor is now making the news.

It was revealed that Koratala Siva and Venu Sriram met Allu Arjun much earlier. They also got his attention with a line but reportedly did not make it when the actor asked them to impress him with the bounded script. The factors that Koratala Siva’s Acharya and Venu Sriram’s Vakeel Saab also might have changed Allu Arjun’s decision.

Well, the list has all the big names like Boyapati Srinu, Surender Reddy, Rohit Shetty, Murugadoss, Linguswamy, Pushkar & Gayatri, Nelson and so on. None of them could get a go-ahead from Allu Arjun so far and the latest one to join the brigade is Jawan’s director Atlee.

The recent reports arrive that Allu Arjun met Atlee in Mumbai and they both okayed on a story. The official announcement is heard to be on the cards for now, but again, Atlee must convince Allu Arjun with a bound script. Otherwise, Allu Arjun won’t hesitate to shelve the project even if it is officially announced.

It looks like Allu Arjun has become very picky in scripts and stories and many opine that there is nothing wrong with him being so. After all, Allu Arjun’s stardom is at the next level, and when his film career can be defined as ‘before Pushpa and after Pushpa’.