They Asked Beautifully, I’ve Replied Happily -Navdeep

Finally, actor Navdeep attended before the Telangana State Narcotics Bureau as per the High Court’s order to get questioned in the Madhapur Drugs Case that surfaced a week earlier. While many thought that the actor was in a soup, Navdeep maintained all smiles after getting grilled for nearly 6 hours and stated that he had nothing to do with the case.

“As I’m a partner in an old FNB (read bar & restaurant) business named BPM, from where these drug links originated, they have questioned me about every link related to the old case including phone calls that happened 6-8 years ago, and they questioned me for six hours quite smoothly and beautifully, and I answered them all clearly and happily. Please show responsible journalism by reporting things neatly rather than pouring your imagination over there”, said Navadeep, after coming out of the Narcotics Bureau office.

But then the media shot back at Navdeep, asking him why are you named as a ‘consumer’ in the notice given to him and why is your name included in the consumer list. They then asked him why he applied for anticipatory bail knocking on the High Court’s doors if he was just being asked about some details, or feared nothing with the investigation. However, Navdeep implied that he’s called only to divulge some information but nothing, and stated that the prime suspect in the case Ramchander is just a known person to him but nothing else.