Once Again, All speakers will be blasted

Music director Thaman has recently been under criticism for his work on the audio album of the upcoming film ‘Skanda,’ starring Ram Pothineni and Sreeleela, directed by Boyapati Srinu, set to release on September 28th. While a couple of songs have been well-received, the overall audio album has faced backlash, particularly after the release of ‘Cult Mama,’ which didn’t meet the high expectations set by fans and critics alike. Despite the ongoing criticism, Thaman has chosen to remain silent.

In contrast to Thaman’s silence, Ram Pothineni seems to be coming to the music director’s defense in promotional interviews. He has been vocal about supporting Thaman and is actively trying to defend him. During one interview, Ram went to great lengths to hype up Thaman’s work, particularly highlighting the film’s climax.

Ram mentioned, “Skanda’s climax is something I’ve never done before. Thaman was stunned after seeing it and exclaimed, ‘You’ve given me an elephant, and now what do I play for this elephant?’ With Thaman’s score, I believe all speakers will be blasted, and theatres will surely be renovated.” The same thing happened with Thaman’s BGM for AKhanda.

While Ram’s intentions might be to boost Thaman’s morale and instill confidence in the music director’s abilities, some observers feel this could backfire. Overhyping Thaman’s work may raise expectations to an unattainable level, and if the background music doesn’t meet these heightened expectations, it could lead to more negative reviews and criticism.

Thaman has faced praise and criticism throughout his career, and he made comebacks multiple times. However, overhyping a soundtrack might not be the best strategy, as it could inadvertently add more negative baggage.

In the end, the true judgment of Thaman’s work on ‘Skanda’ will be made by the audience when the film hits theaters.