Elon Musk Confirms He’s Buying iPhone 15

The latest version of Apple’s popular flagship cellular phone iPhone15 is here and already the mega phone maker is trying to make a huge buzz for the same. Especially Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is trying to create huge attention for the phone as he shared some pictures from a store in New York where the first US customers are receiving their iPhone 15. And here comes billionaire Elon Musk into the scene.

In the last couple of days, Elon Musk shared a lot of interest in the new iPhone15 as he is taking to ‘X’ to comment on Tim Cook’s tweets. When the Apple CEO pictures from an exhibition that showcased the pictures shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max by some incredible photographers like Stephen Wilkes and Reuben Wu, the owner of ‘X’ replied, ‘The beauty of iPhone pictures & video is incredible’. Finally, it has come out that he is buying an iPhone and guess what netizens are asking him now.

Whenever Elon Musk shows interest in some company or the other, rumours usually pop up that he is buying out that company. While Musk buying Apple is ruled out, this time, people are asking him when he will be making an alternative to iPhone which would be titled ‘xPhone’ or something else. And many are wondering why the billionaire is actually helping publicise the new iPhone this way.