Inside Talk: Star Heroine’s Manager ‘Attitude’

Apparently he rose to prominence from a humble beginning by working at an event management company in Tollywood and slowly started to manage the dates of Tier-3 and later Tier-2 heroes as well as heroines. Later he became manager for a star heroine who has scored blockbusters in almost all the tinsel towns of South India. But she ousted him back then, and now, he’s managing another star heroine’s dates, creating more trouble for producers.

Currently, this guy manages the dates of one of the top-rated heroines of Tollywood at the moment who happens to be extremely busy. When producers quiz him about not allocating dates properly or if they are inquiring about anything related to her, this ‘manager’ is not only reacting properly but also showcasing lots of tantrums to producers and directors.

Recently when a top-level producer asked him for dates of that heroine for promotions of a latest release, he’s said to have literally shown stars. There is wide talk in film industry that this type of attitude won’t make him last long is what the industry says as this young heroine might also oust him soon.

Also, the manager reportedly involving in selecting the brands and making busy her in more commercials rather than making her available for the films that paid her huge already.

Some managers in the film industry have managed dates of some star heroines for more than two decades, and that’s because of their sincerity and humble attitude. Hope this manager too change his attitude to stay long in film industry.