No takers for Pooja Hegde from Telugu?

Pooja Hegde has been facing various challenges in her career recently, including a string of film flops and missed opportunities. However, her fortunes may change as she receives an exciting Bollywood offer. But, the twist in the tale is that Pooja was expecting offers from the South, particularly from Telugu cinema, but it looks like there are no takers for her now.

Pooja has been approached for an investigative thriller, “Koi Shaq,” featuring Shahid Kapoor as the lead actor. Malayalam filmmaker Roshan Andrews will direct the film. This opportunity marks a significant development in her career when there are no offers for her.

Despite working with top actors like Prabhas, Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan, Pooja Hegde’s recent films, including “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisika Jaan,” “Radheshyam,” and “Acharya,” haven’t met with the desired success. She was dropped from Guntur Kaaram and missed a few other Telugu films.

On the other hand, there are speculations about Pooja marrying a cricketer. In the middle of all this, the new offer from Shahid Kapoor comes at a crucial juncture in her career. It presents a promising opportunity for her to make a strong comeback.