Salaar Is Coming In December! Huge Clash Inevitable

Salaar letting a good release date like September 28 is not a good move, but the makers don’t have an option when the movie is not finished on par with the highest standards the team planned to. While many other movies flocked to the date left vacant by Salaar, confusion prevails on Salaar’s new release date.

Meanwhile, the reports had it that Salaar had very much locked the date of the outing. And it is going to be December 22nd. There were rumors that Salaar would be released for Sankranthi in 2024 or in March. But the latest news on social media also took up the storm that Salaar is coming for Christmas, which is just three months from now.

The distributors reportedly received confirmation from Hombale Films about Salaar’s release date in December. It is heard that Hombale Films also will be announcing the same officially this Friday.

If Salaar is releasing for Christmas, it is going to be a big clash at the box office, because Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan’s Dunki is releasing at the same time. Shahrukh who is already on the blockbuster spree and exceptional director Rajkumar Hirani are coming together with Dunki and its clash with Salaar is going to be huge. It has to be seen how the Salaar and Dunki clash is going to shake the box office.