Amy Jackson Responds To ‘Oppenheimer’ Trolls

British actress Amy Jackson’s recent photoshoot attracted trolls on social media. Her new look resembling the talented actor of Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy made the trolls call her ‘Lady Oppenheimer’.

Usually, film celebrities choose to ignore these trolls coming up on their fashion looks, but the Robo 2 actress decided to give it back. Amy Jackson wrote, ‘The online outcry from the (mainly male) Indian demographic is quite sad. The moment a woman does unusual hair and makeup for a film which doesn’t conform to their idealism of beauty, they think they have the right to troll you.’

Responding to her being compared to Cillian Murphy, she took the fun side up and said,’I’m over the moon. He’s chiseled perfection? I’ll get my flat cap and Brummie accent ready for a Peaky Blunders comeback’.

It looks like Amy Jackson is not in the mood to take the ridiculous trolls. Check out more pictures of her from the new look.