Bigg Boss 7: Rathika falling down with Sivaji!

Shivaji’s behavior has been increasingly dominating in the Bigg Boss house, making him appear to be the central figure, overshadowing other contestants. However, what’s surprising in the recent episode is Rathika’s dispute with him. All these days, Sivaji and Rathika have been extremely close but it looks like things are falling down now.

Out of the blue, Rathika Rose decided to distance herself from Shivaji. She confided in Amar, expressing her discomfort with how Shivaji constantly defends Prashanth near Nagarjuna. She is also upset with Sivaji’s stand on her issues with Prashanth.

Before the nominations, Rathika vented her frustration, saying, “Can he even be called a man? What more does he want? He’s playing a cunning game and then pretends that everyone else is forming groups and playing safe. I supported and took a stand for him, but now he’s driving us all crazy by pretending to be good and trying to score points.”

Later, in a heated exchange with Shivaji, Rathika brought up the topic of Prashant and questioned whether Nagarjuna had commented on her character. She expressed feeling uneasy about Sivaji’s answer to Nagarjuna.

Shivaji tried to dismiss her concerns, suggesting that she was imagining things. However, Rathika remained steadfast and continued pressing her point. However, Sivaji apologized to her, but Rathika kept on dragging the issue.

As their argument escalated, Shivaji eventually grew serious and left the conversation. All this looks like Rathika is creating drama for the fourth week by engaging in a spat with Sivaji for creating content. We have to see if their rivalry grows more in the house.