Divorce Rumours: “Nenu Cheppanu” says Swathi

‘Colors’ Swathi, aka Swathi Reddy, entered showbiz when she was 16 as a talk show host. Later, she ventured into full-time acting and left a positive impression on the audience. After a hiatus, Swathi is back to entertain the viewers with the upcoming Telugu film titled ‘Month of Madhu.’ The film is currently in the promotional phase, and during an event, Swathi was asked to clarify the never-ending rumors about her marital life.

Now and then, the speculations reveal that Swathi divorced her husband, Vikas Vasu. However, Swathi always kept silent about these rumors and was never vocal. She entered marital life in 2018, but shortly after that, she reportedly archived her wedding pictures from Instagram, leaving room for these speculations.

As Swathi met the media today, the journalists were quick to grab her reaction to these speculations. However, Swati maintained her privacy on this matter, emphasizing that it was unrelated to the film’s promotion and that she would not address it publicly.

“Nenu Cheppanu andi (I won’t tell). I started my career at 16, and I don’t know how it would have been if social media existed back then. However, I have a set of rules and regulations that I am implementing in my life. As a professional actor, I would not say anything about my personal life in public, and hence, I choose not to answer your question,” said Swathi.

Directed by Srikanth Nagoti and produced by Yashwant, ‘Month of Madhu’ features Naveen Chandra as Swathi’s romantic interest. The movie is expected to hit the screens soon.