Confused Dinosaur Troubling Three Other Films

‘Simple English – No Confusion’ is the first among the few words in the Salaar teaser. However, the reality behind the release date and completion of the project seems to be full of confusion and lack of clarity. Salaar’s last-minute withdrawal from the September last-week release led a bunch of movies to pick the date.

The makers of Salaar issued an announcement that their film is being delayed and haven’t given a new date yet. For the last two days, a strong rumor has been going around that Salaar is very much fixed for the Christmas release. Now the movies planned for Christmas release are worried if the Salaar ‘Dinosaur’ is really coming to grab their release date.

Quite possible, because Salaar makers did not immediately announce when the rumors spread that it is being postponed. The present scenario could be similar and the movies that are gearing up for Christmas are in a hurry to ready their product so there will be flexibility in release date if Salaar really comes towards them.

Nani’s Hi Nanna, Venkatesh’s Saindhav, and Nithin’s Extra are the movies that have plans for a Christmas release. It has to be seen if Salaar makers want to announce their actual outing date soon.