Director poking Prabhas’ fans for publicity?

Controversial filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri’s upcoming release, “The Vaccine War,” is set to shed light on the development of Covaxin and the myriad challenges it encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the film’s release is just around the corner, Agnihotri made a statement against Prabhas fans and accused them of trolling him. However, it looks like he is poking Prabhas’ fans to gain some publicity for his film.

In an interview with The New Indian Express, Vivek Agnihotri made these statements, emphasizing that all films deserve a chance to thrive at the box office. “It is often the fans who initiate conflicts and generate online outrage,” said the filmmaker.

Vivek Agnihotri shared an example of the clash between “The Vaccine War” and Prabhas’ highly anticipated film “Salaar.” However, the clash is not happening, with Salaar moving away from the race.

But, according to Vivek, the clash between these two films led to fans engaging in heated online exchanges, with supporters of “Salaar” resorting to trolling. Vivek Agnihotri revealed that some fans demanded that his film not be released, suggesting that it should “run away.”

“The Vaccine War is a small film with no stars, made at Rs 12.5 crore budget. Another film, Salaar, was coming. A huge Rs 300 crore film. Their fans were abusing, trolling me, isko bhagao, nahi aana chaiye… Bhaag koi aur gaya.. They ran away,” he said.