VFX & Body Double Replaces This Big Hero!

These are the days when some of the films are getting the ‘visual effects’ not to create some fantasy spaces but to actually create the looks of heroes and heroines, by modifying their bodies and presenting them in a younger look. Surprisingly stars who don’t need any such VFX support are also relying on this technology now for absurd reasons.

Here comes a big film that got delayed suddenly and created chaos in terms of release dates across the industries. Reports are coming that currently, the director is currently shooting a couple of scenes without the star hero in place.

They are said to be using body double to shoot the scenes that require his over-the-shoulder presence, while the long shots are being created with visual effects. For some shots, the body double’s head will be replaced by a digital head created in visual effects.

Many are wondering why the hero is not available for the shoot, while some say that he’s actually so exhausted that he can’t allocate the dates. Few stated that the director himself gave rest to the star hero as they had already pressurised him big time during the process of the shoot for the stunts and other stuff. Well, we have to see how the final quality of these VFX-backed shots of the hero turns out.