Talk: Sudheer Babu’s Guts Should Be Appreciated!

Despite the fact that his recent movies like Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali and Hunt didn’t work well, talented actor Sudheer Babu has decided to do another experimental film which is titled “Mama Mascheendra”. Already the film’s trailer is out and many are lauding the efforts of the hero for portraying the triple role with aplomb. Here’s what we have to say about him more.

Apparently, Sudheer played the role of father to the heroines, then he also appeared as their boyfriends. While the elder one is ‘mama’, the two younger versions are his nephews. For an actor to pull off that feat, it is not an easy one for sure as he has to showcase the feelings of a father while playing one character, and then appear as a boyfriend to the same girls, Mrinalini Ravi and Eesha Rebba, on the other hand. And if emotions, expressions and body language don’t work, in terms of Sudheer Babu’s character design and its relationship with the heroines, then the total fate of the film will be in jeopardy.

For the same reason, we have to appreciate this talented hero taking up such roles rather than going up with conventional action dramas and masala movies. While the fate of the film at the box office will be determined by the rest of the screenplay factors, the conviction and boldness of Sudheer to play the three roles would get laurels for sure. Let’s see what would the talented hero do at the box office next week as Mama Mascheendra is set for an October 6th release.