Sankranthi 2024: Will ‘Hanuman’ Go For A Compromise?

With Salaar getting postponed from September to December this year, Tollywood will witness a huge reshuffle of the movie releases. However, the producers are currently maintaining a level of secrecy about their release plans. While Mahesh Babu, Ravi Teja, and Vijay Devarakonda are in the competition, we have to see how Teja Sajja will withstand it with his pan-Indian film Hanuman.

Although there are reports about a proposal of compromise being made to the film unit, the makers of Hanuman do not want to move away from the race. Director Prashant Varma places his faith in visual effects and believes that the film will prevail. Notably, this film is being marketed based on its content rather than relying solely on the star power of its hero, as Teja Sajja is still a budding actor in the industry.

In practical terms, the makers of Hanuman could have confidence in the film’s outcome, but the availability of theaters at the time of release could become a challenge.

Despite the trade expressing doubts about the release of Guntur Karam, the makers are determined not to miss the targeted release date. On the other hand, the post-production work on Eagle is already underway, and Vijay Deverakonda’s Family Star is expected to be in its final stages and ready for the first copy by the end of December. It is pretty clear that no one is currently considering a compromise.

Hanuman is a film that requires extensive promotion on a pan-India level, especially given its substantial budget. Early impressions from those who have seen the rushes suggest that the visuals are impressive. Therefore, the best strategy may be to opt for a solo release.

Furthermore, going up against Guntur Karam on the same release date carries significant risks. Even if Guntur Kaaram receives an average response, Hanuman could struggle to find a survival at the box office.