Sree Leela gets a raw deal in Skanda

During one of the promotional events of Skanda, the anchor asked Sree Leela when she would take her off day in the middle of tight schedules. Ram immediately said it would be a holiday for Tollywood if Sree Leela took a break even for one day. Ram’s funny comment shouldn’t be considered an exaggeration because Sree Leela is currently busy with more than half a dozen big-ticket films that are in different stages of production. 

After her stupendous act in Dhamaka, Sree Leela turned out to be the most sought-after actress in the tinsel town. She proved that she could pull audiences to the theatres with her energetic screen presence. So, moviegoers expected that she would get a meaty character in Skanda. With dancing dynamite Ram as a partner, Sree Leela was expected to arrest moviegoers with her maniac dance moves in mass songs. 

Unfortunately, Sree Leela got a raw deal in this Boyapati Srinu directional. Though it is well known that Boyapati’s films are centred largely on elevating the lead protagonist, audience expected Sree Leela to have a solid character on par with that of Ram because of her current craze. 

However, in terms of characterization and screen presence, Sree Leela was confined only to a limited role. There is no big scope for her to unleash the acting mettle in her. Even the mass songs didn’t do much favour because the spotlight was mostly on Ram. 

Those who watched Skanda felt that Sree Leela didn’t get the due for her talent. She sparked only in bits and pieces as the underwhelming character didn’t justify her capabilities. Irrespective of the box office outcome, Skanda might not add much weight to Sree Leela’s filmography. 

Up next, she will be seen in Balakrishna’s Bhagavanth Kesari in October and Panja Vaishnav Tej’s Adikesava in November. She also has Guntur Kaaram and Ustaad Bhagat Singh in her kitty.