#BothAreNotSame: Guntur Theatre’s Complaint On Thaman

During the release of the Akhanda movie, some USA theatres have requested the makers to lower the volume and play the film such that their equipment won’t get affected, and some issued additional warnings to the moviegoers to keep their ears safe.

However, fans took it quite positively at that time and raved a lot about the technical and creative brilliance of SS Thaman. And similar reports are now being heard about the loudness of Skanda BGM, but here’s why both instances are not the same.

Back then, despite being a loud volume track, the OST of Akhanda was so thumping that it elevated the feel of each scene and made audiences glued to the screens. However, in Skanda, the loudest background score induces a headache-like feeling and some scenes are not even watchable due to the loud sound around. Is that a technical error that promoted Thaman to put more loudness or something that Boyapati wanted the audience to treat with? Here comes a tweet from Guntur’s Gowri Shankar Theatre which has the best Dolby Sound system in the city, and complained about the volume levels.

Some feel that Gowri Shankar theatre’s tweet is aimed at praising Thaman, but the reality is that the unwanted loudness created by Thaman is very interesting when heard inside the sound-recording and sound-mixing theatres where the best of Dolby equipment gets installed, but the same feel will not be there in theatres where only the end-user speakers will be installed. Hope the maestro of background score is reading into this.