Talk of Town – Political Dialogues In Skanda!

Ram and Boyapati’s combination Skanda has hit the screens the other day leaving a mass punch. The politically charged dialogues and the scenes having striking similarities with the present incidents are the hot topic. For example, the arrest of Srikanth is akin to Satyam Ramalingaraju incident and dialogues

“Chattam, Nyayam, Dharmam Vurukuntundemo…Aa Daivam Vurukodu,” says a lawyer referring to the illegally arrested Srikanth in jail. These are just a few. There are several powerful dialogues and one-liners in the film. It is believed that the dialogues are politically charged and written to benefit a party in AP.

Some dialogues in the film mouthed by hero Ram are hitting out at the loopholes in the administration. Even the villains of the film are the CMs of the Telugu states in the film. All these are adding a lot of masala to the ongoing speculations that Skanda has political favouritism. It is known that Boyapati had worked for TDP’s advertisements and shot songs before 2019 election. His previous films Legend and Akhanda too have hard-hitting dialogues with some political relevance. This could be the reason why Skanda dialogues are in hot discussion.

Recently, Pawan Kalyan’s Bro faced similar controversy and minister Ambati Rambabu targeted the film and Pawan directly. Let’s see whether any political leaders of ruling party respond to Skanda dialogues and add fuel to this controversy or not.