Ganapath Teaser : Futuristic Action Saga

It seems like Indian filmmakers are keen on presenting dystopian thrillers to the audience. Similar to Prabhas’ Kalki 2898 AD, Bollywood film ‘Ganapath’ is also billed as a futuristic action saga. The first teaser of the film is out today and it gives an insight into the crux of the film.

Playing out at one minute forty-five seconds, the teaser hints that Ganapath is a science fiction extravaganza that is set in an imaginary world with larger-than-life characters and top-notch technical values. It boasts an ensemble cast in the form of Tiger Shroff, Amitabh Bachchan, and Kriti Sanon in significant roles. The visuals are extraordinary and action blocks will blow the minds of viewers.

The teaser starts with the introduction of Tiger Shroff who is in deep meditation. The next frame takes us into a futuristic world with flying warships. When the oppressed people are tyrannized by despotic rule, they pray for divine intervention. Then, a superhero is born. Tiger Shroff makes a rollicking entry displaying his multiple skills. He is labelled as the savior of people in this ‘Good vs Evil’ battle.

Tiger Shroff impresses with his magnetism and shines in action episodes. Krithi Sanon and Amithabh get solid roles which travel with the narrative.

The teaser has some close similarities to Kalki 2898AD. Nevertheless, it manages to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats with spectacular production values. The background score is terrific and the cinematography stands out.

All in all, director Vikas Bahl comes up with an ambitious attempt that is well propped up by star star-studded cast and strong technical values.

Ganapath is gearing up for release in multiple languages on October 20th.