Bigg Boss 7: ‘Raithu Bidda’ Wins Over ‘Rathika’

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 7, ‘Raithu Bidda’ Prashanth achieved a significant victory by defeating his competitors. He became the fourth contestant in the Bigg Boss house and earned an immunity of two weeks.

Rathika put up a tough fight but couldn’t prevent Prashanth’s win, leaving Amardeep slightly disappointed for not clinching the crucial victory in the house. It is that Amar and Rathika tried their level best to see Prashanth not winning the task. Prashanth maintained his composure and tasted victory in the task.

The balancing task witnessed three competitors, Prince Yavar, Subhasri, and Prashanth, fighting for the Power Ashtra. Surprisingly, Yavar and Subhasri were out of the game as they could not balance the Power Asthra. Finally, it was Prashanth who won the task.

Even during this, Amar and Rathika had to look at each other in disbelief. Rathika even gave names like Crying Star to Prashanth, and she could not digest him becoming the fourth contestant.

The social media trends reveal that Rathika might get eliminated from the house this week. We have to wait some more hours to arrive at a final confirmation over the same.