Vijay Antony puts his grief aside for film’s promotions!

Losing a loved one is often described as the most profound sorrow one can experience. Tamil actor and music director Vijay Antony recently faced this ordeal when his beloved daughter, Meera, tragically took her own life. Amid this profound grief, Vijay Antony demonstrated incredible resilience by continuing to pursue his professional commitments. This has become the talk of the town now, and Vijay Antony is receiving a lot of praise.

Just nine days after the tragic loss of his daughter, Vijay Antony faced the media and participated in a press meet for “Rattam.” What made this appearance even more poignant was the presence of his younger daughter alongside him.

“Rattam,” initially scheduled for release on September 28, understandably faced a delay of one week due to the backdrop of Meera’s tragic passing. Postponing the film’s release was a necessary decision, considering the circumstances.

With an understanding of this industry reality and a sense of responsibility towards his work and the team behind “Rattam,” Vijay Antony chose to participate in the promotional event despite his immense pain.

“Rattam” is directed by C.S. Amudan. The movie features Mahima Nambiar as the female lead.