Search For Logic In Skanda Continues, Director Announces Sequel!

Boyapati’s movies are always over-the-top. They stay away from logic and physics. From the story to the characters and the scenes, everything runs illogically. His latest movie Skanda too runs in the same way but it looks like the director appears to be taking audiences for granted.

The chief ministers of the two states are shown as goons and they often sit together to discuss their black money scams. The protagonist passing beyond the chief ministers’ security by beating them up single-handedly to enter their houses and kidnapping their daughters in a helicopter is the peak of all.

Both the CMs dealing with a business tycoon for black money transaction is the biggest comedy scene. If a young guy from a village taking hundreds of armed goons down with just one weapon is extreme, his getting away without a scratch is beyond that. Not just that, there are many absurd scenes like using a plow to stab four baddies.

The mandatory effect in Boyapati movies is the ‘wind’ effect. For every scene the director wants the audience to feel it high or exciting the characters will be taking a step back in shock and the wind hits their faces. The height of the effect is that when the protagonist telecasts his killing spree live on TV, the villains watching it also get the ‘wind blow effect’.

While the variety of choreography in action scenes is considered a ploy to enthrall the masses, the story and the narrative also lack sense and logic many a time. Well, those who try to find logic or sense in Skanda might be disappointed. Many were seen on social media asking who ‘Skanda’ is in the movie, meanwhile, the director announces the ‘Skanda II’ with a Morocco flashback!!