Bigg Boss 7: Big Shock To Sivaji!

The weekend episode always promises excitement regardless of how the other days unfold within the Bigg Boss show. However, the previous three Saturdays left much to be desired regarding entertainment. This time, though, tensions flared with heated arguments led by Nagarjuna, who countered every contestant. What’s shocking is Sivaji being at the receiving end of the taunting from Nagarjuna.

Nagarjuna confronted Shivaji, who had been capturing images during the task, but did not warn Teja while he was attacking Gautham. Nag questioned, “Can’t you see what’s happening through the camera?”

When Shivaji claimed that everyone had yelled while pulling Gautam and Teja, Nagarjuna presented video evidence that Sivaji hadn’t raised his voice while dragging Gautam by a rope around his neck.

This incident seemed to dent Shivaji’s reputation, as Nagarjuna remarked, “I expected you to stand for justice and support the weaker contestants in the house, but what I witnessed didn’t align with the concept of justice,” addressing Shivaji’s behavior.

In the confession room, Sandeep and Shivaji each received three nominations. However, upon exiting the room, the consensus shifted, with everyone seemingly voting for Shivaji (six votes) over Sandeep (three votes).

As a result, Nagarjuna declared Sivaji to be a contestant but not a housemate anymore. They also took back the Power Asthra that Sivaji gained in the house. Sivaji also wants to play the game as a contestant and not remain a housemate.