Siddharth’s Chinna Trailer: A Sensible Yet Hard-hitting Issue

The Tamil-language film “Chithha” will make its Telugu debut as “Chinna” on October 6. The trailer for the Telugu-dubbed version was revealed now. Directed by SU Arun Kumar, this drama film is produced by Siddharth himself. He also plays the lead role in the movie.

The recently released trailer offers an impressive glimpse into the movie’s plot, showcasing the heartwarming relationship between an uncle and his niece. Siddharth’s character embarks on a quest to find his missing niece, leading to an intriguing and suspenseful narrative. It looks like the film deals with a sensible yet hard-hitting issue.

To uncover the mystery of why Siddharth’s character seeks vengeance, viewers are encouraged to watch this compelling film.

Siddharth takes on an intense role in this critically acclaimed movie, with Nimisha Sajayan portraying his love interest and Sahasra Shree playing the role of his niece.

With music by Dhibu Ninan Thomas and background music by Vishal Chandrasekhar, the film boasts a talented crew, including Balaji Subramanyam (cinematography), Suresh A Prasad (editing), CS Balachandar (art direction), and Vinoth Thanigasalam (sound design).