Nagarjuna Was So Impressed With TV9 Devi

Devi Nagavalli, the popular newsreader, who went to Bigg Boss, has sustained in the house for not even a month. She has faced nomination and is eliminated from the house.

While leaving, Devi was asked to dedicate some things to her fellow contestants, speak about why she is dedicating it to them and explain them about the same. Nagarjuna helped Devi do the task and she has actually nailed it.

Nagarjuna has given Devi a camera and asked her to dedicate it to the person who is fake in the house. Devi said, “I don’t think anyone can be fake in this house. There are cameras and people watching you and what you are up to. Also, how long can someone even be fake? There is a long way to go in this house and I don’t think they can exist there by being fake. So I am pretty sure there is no one as such.”

Nagarjuna was so impressed with the answer and has said that Devi has said it well. But she chose to dedicate it to Sujatha and asked her to stick to the decision she takes and not to be afraid of what people would even think of it.