Exclusive Interview: Vijay D, Vishwaksen Then! Chaitanya Now?

In a recent video interview with gulte.com, the lead hero of Tharun Bhaskar’s upcoming movie Keeda Cola, Chaitanya Rao, opened up about his journey, experiences, and aspirations in the film industry, and accepted some, declined some, and revealed some.

Chaitanya Rao started the conversation by sharing a lesser-known fact about his pre-film industry days. Surprisingly, before stepping into the world of cinema, Chaitanya used to write articles for various websites, showcasing his versatility and creativity.

One of the revelations that caught many by surprise was about his first YouTube web series. Contrary to popular belief, Chaitanya clarified that ’30 Weds 21′ wasn’t his debut web series; it was actually ‘Its My Life,’ an eight-episode series that unfolded two years ago.

The actor took a stroll down memory lane, disclosing his humble beginnings. Hailing from a normal middle-class background in Telangana, Karimnagar, Chaitanya emphasized that he had no industry connections. His entry into the world of cinema was facilitated by friends through crowdfunding for his first movie, highlighting the power of passion and collaboration.

Delving into his preparation for the upcoming movie Keeda Cola, Chaitanya revealed that he underwent extensive auditions to ensure he didn’t miss out on any nuances of the character. This dedication and meticulous approach reflect his commitment to delivering a compelling performance in the film.

The conversation naturally shifted to the question on everyone’s mind: Will Chaitanya be the next breakout star, following in the footsteps of Vijay Devarakonda or Vishwak Sen, who were also introduced to the industry by Tharun Bhaskar? While keeping the suspense alive, Chaitanya expressed gratitude for the opportunities presented by the acclaimed director.

Addressing the popular web series ’30 Weds 21,’ Chaitanya responded to the query about the release of the third season. However, this information remains elusive, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the continuation of the beloved series.

In a mix of acceptance and decline, Chaitanya clarified that he did not direct ’30 weds 21′ but, instead, secured the role through a successful audition. For further insights, catch the complete interview on gulte.com’s YouTube channel.