This Friday Winner Is ‘Tuesday’

Like we said already, this Friday we have heroine-centric films hitting the cinemas including Payal Rajput’s Mangalavaram, Mehreen’s Spark, Hansika’s My Name Is Sruthi along with Kannada movie Sapta Sagaralu Daati Side-B. And by evening, a clear winner came out with flying colors and that happens to be “Mangalavaram”.

Directed by Ajay Bhupathi of RX100 fame, Mangalavaram is a thriller mystery that deals with various layers of content like child abuse, nymphomaniac behaviour along with regular human emotions like love, father-daughter and else. The last 30 minutes of the film are quite engaging with various twists unravelling the mystery behind the deaths in the village of Mahalakshmipuram village.

The water-tight narrative, riveting background score by Ajneesh Loknath, mindblowing screenplay and amazing visuals of the last half an hour of the movie have made folks stick to their seats, making them forget the slow first half of the film. That made the audience come out of theatres with a complete feeling, and that is now leading to packed crowds for Mangalavaram in many centres.

With all the films in the competition fizzling out due to stale scripts, surely this is an added advantage for the Ajay Bhupathi directorial, while fans are also feasting on a terrific show put up by Paayal Rajput in the second half of the film.