Pics: Chiranjeevi with his heroines

The grand wedding of senior actress Radha’s daughter and actress Karthika took place with much splendor. The ceremony united Karthika and Rohit Menon in a traditional Kerala-style wedding at the Kavadiyar Udayapalas Convention Center in Thiruvananthapuram on Sunday (November 19).

The event was attended by prominent personalities, including Megastar Chiranjeevi and his wife Surekha, Radhika, Suhasini, and others, who blessed the newlyweds. The wedding photos of Karthika are currently making rounds on social media, captivating the audience.

Karthika made her entry into Tollywood with the film “Josh” in 2009, where her performance garnered acclaim despite the film’s box office outcome. She achieved a significant hit with the movie “Rangam,” starring Jeeva.

However, since 2015, she has been on a hiatus from the film industry, currently dedicating her time to business activities.