World Cup Final: Big Impact on Box-Office

The defeat of the Indian cricket team in the World Cup final has devastated fans. People were glued to their television screens at home, and open screenings in public places were crowded with fans hoping for a win. The disappointment is palpable, especially considering the lackluster performance of the Indian batsmen. The defeat has not only affected the fans’ spirits but also had repercussions on the box office.

On the day of the final match, the box office witnessed a significant drop in revenue, as the loss disheartened fans. Even films with positive reviews and word-of-mouth failed to attract substantial audiences.

In major cities, no show was reported as a full house, and many theaters had to cancel mid-evening shows. The lack of joy and celebration, coupled with the cricket festival ending, has shifted the audience’s attention away from movies.

The estimated loss in theatrical revenue for the entire film industry, encompassing all languages, is between 50 to 100 crores. Especially, in Tollywood, except for ‘Mangalavaram,’ no other film has managed to ring in a decent revenue at the box office.

The focus is now turning towards upcoming releases like “Adikesava” and “Kotabommali PS,” alongside the continuation of the film “Mangalavaram,” to see how they fare in the aftermath of the cricket disappointment.