Low Buzz & Sreeleela – Sithara Vamsi Responds

Like Gulte.com has reported already, upcoming Friday’s release “Aadikeshava” is carrying low buzz though it has mega family’s Panja Vaishnav Tej in the lead. And already we’ve told that the absence of heroine Sreeleela at the promotions due to her shooting commitments is also creating a vacuum. As everyone is looking forward to Sithara Entertainment’s Naga Vamsi’s presence as well, here is what the producer has to say about that.

During the trailer release event of “Aadikeshava”, Sithara Vamsi was asked if the film has enough buzz, the producer said, “You’ll see it from today onwards. The trailer has come, and within two days by the time online ticketing opens, the pre-release event will take place. And we are also deciding whether to host paid premieres for the film or not. We’ll create maximum buzz and reach for the film by the time of its release. Already the director (Srikanth Reddy) is out there in Chennai checking the final re-recording, and Sreeleela is unable to come to promotions due to date issues.”

“Last-minute promotions are actually helping me a lot. It will be highly enough. As everyone is in a depressed mood now due to the Cricket World Cup thing, we’ve released the trailer on Monday evening such that it will act like a refreshment invite for the weekend” Vamsi said.

Vaishnav Tej and Sreeleela’s Aadikeshava is set for a November 24th release, and we have to see if Sithara Vamsi’s confidence will turn out into a massive success at the box office as well. Watch this space for more updates.