Kota Bommali Event @ Flight Ki Time Avtondi

Other day interesting things took place at the pre-release event of the upcoming movie “Kota Bommali PS” which has the likes of senior hero Srikanth, and youngsters Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajasekhar playing the lead. The evening saw a plethora of celebrities like Allu Arvind, Dil Raju, Boyapati Sreenu, Bunny Vasu, SKN, Sai Rajesh and others attending as guests.

One thing that is noticed at the event is that most of these guests are trying to come on the stage soon, finish their speech and leave. With everyone being a busy celebrity, surely they will have the urge to rush, but what brought laughs at the sidelines of the event is that all of them are quoting the same reason. Most of these top celebrities are caught saying in the ears of organisers that they have a flight to catch. “Flight ki time avtondi. Tvaraga nannu speech ki piliste velipotha” is what most of them said. It looks like some of them had real flights to catch, while others are not convincing enough that they have really a need to go to the airport.

On the other hand, the makers of Kota Bommali PS, Bunny Vasu and Vidya Koppineedi have brought maximum attention to the evening with their crazy planning for the event including a Q&A session, where celebrities questioned and media professionals answered.