Is Anushka Entering Bigg Boss 4 House? No Way!

Every year, the norm is that Bigg Boss reality show will see some celebrities entering the house and celebrating the release of their movies. From the likes of Kamal Haasan to none other than Nagarjuna himself have entered the house couple of times. So, who is going to be that first celebrity who is getting ready to promote their film in #BiggBoss4 house?

All these days it is coming out star heroine Anushka Shetty will enter Bigg Boss house to promote her upcoming OTT release Nishabdam. As the film suffered major promotional issues due to Anushka’s non-availability, many thought that she will be now doing a favour to the producers by indulging in excessive promotions. But it looks like nothing such is happening.

Forget about entering Bigg Boss house, Anushka is not even interested to step into Hyderabad at the earliest. She has commented that all of her upcoming film shoots will commence only in 2021 as she is not in a mood to return to sets during these Covid-19 pandemic times. On that note, we cannot expect her to get into Bigg Boss house, isn’t it?