Stop ‘First Day First Show’ Live Tweets: Puri Jagan

First Day First Show is a phenomena for films. With the first show, the talk and response of the film comes out and it hugely impacts the result.

Director Puri Jagannadh has called for an end of this culture which is killing cinema and especially the flop ones. This ‘First Day First Show’ exists only in India.

Through his musings, Puri has asked everyone to save flop films. In his view, flop films are the bread and butter of the film industry. A producer pays remuneration to every actor, technician and crew who work for the film day and night. But he never has any clue about the outcome of the film and no person will make a flop films.

The critics should be liberal here while reviewing and giving ratings. If a star is given extra, the producer makes a little more money and that can feed a few more. If it is seriously a bad film, tell the director or producer in person rather than killing the film with tweets, reviews, public talk.

Puri’s observation of flop movies is good at thought but don’t think it will happen.

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