Chowdhary Moves From Prasad Imax to Film Set

YVS Chowdary new movie

After a decade-long hiatus, renowned director YVS Chowdary is set to return to the film industry. Chowdary, known for his successful films featuring new and lesser-known actors, had a remarkable career before his recent slump.

His last film, “Rey,” starring Sai Dharam Tej, did not perform well, almost ending his career and leading to a 10-year gap in his filmmaking career. Even before that, “Saleem” stroke stunned him.

Despite his absence from filmmaking, Chowdary has been actively involved in the film industry. Every week, he can be seen at Prasad Imax, accompanied by his wife Geetha and daughters, watching various films.

This suggests that he has been maintaining his connection with the industry and staying updated on the latest trends and developments.

Chowdary has announced that he will be making a new film, and the official announcement is expected to be made tomorrow. The film will feature newcomers in lead roles, as per his social media post.

This move indicates that the director is looking to revive his success formula by working with fresh talent. But which star-kid would be that talent anyway?

From making a movie like Seethayya to that of introducing a curvaceous talent like Ilena D’Cruz to Tollywood, YVS Chowdhary is associated with lots of things earlier. Let’s see what happens now.