Confident Murthy Garu Gives His Number For Critics

As another Friday beckons, multiple releases compete with each other to get a slice of the audience’s time, attention and money. Even though these films do not boast big stars or budgets, a competition nonetheless exists, as a result of which movie teams are participating in as many promotions as they can. Among them is the movie Music Shop Murthy, which is scheduled to hit theatres this Friday.

Ajay Ghosh plays the titular protagonist, while Chandini Chowdary will be essaying a significant role. The film attempts to depict the life of an ordinary middle-class man running an old cassette shop. By the looks of it, the film has all the ingredients of a feel-good entertainer.

Speaking at the film’s pre-release event, Ajay Ghosh made a bold statement by doxxing his personal phone number. Ajay has declared at the event that his movie would surely be liked by everyone, and if anyone feels otherwise, they can call him at his number 929****666 and criticize them freely. This statement has left many amused and shocked.

Expressing confidence in one’s work is good. But doxxing oneself in this day and age is not wise. Even though Ajay shared his number with good intentions, people may use the number to put his safety and sanity at jeopardy. Sharing a personal number also raises unnecessary conversations around Music Shop Murthy. Things can spin out of control and go wrong so easily.

That said, there is a reason why he chose to say what he said. It’s tough to sell tickets solely on Ajay Ghosh’s name. The movie might genuinely be good. But the current scenario is such that the audience think twice before coming to theaters even to watch an established actor on screen. In such a situation, it is a hard task for the public to come out in support of ‘Music Shop Murthy’.

To instill some confidence in the viewers, he might have given his phone number, understanding the risks that come with it. Nevertheless, this single statement has made both Ajay Ghosh’s video and the film trend on Twitter.