Nag Ashwin’s Simplicity – From Bujji to Reva

‘Kalki 2898 AD’ director Nag Ashwin has shot to huge fame after revealing the specially made futuristic vehicle ‘Bujji’ from the film to the world. While he has carved out a vehicle spending ₹6 crores for the film, in real life, the talented creative director drives a simple car, which has awestruck onlookers the other day.

When he was travelling in the Mothi Nagar area the other day in his simple and cute  Reva E20 Plus electric car, few bikers got shocked and recorded these clips on their mobile phones. Despite making a film with Superstar Prabhas which needed more than ₹600 crores budget, the director travelling in a simple ₹10 lakhs worth car is surely surprising everyone. A director who scores just one hit film at the box office is buying a Range Rover car these days.

On the other hand, netizens are quick to find that the car is registered under the name Singireddy Nag Ashwin and the insurance expired in 2021. They are suggesting the director to renew the insurance immediately to avoid challans and court cases.