Darshan’s Case Is No less Than a Movie Plot

The noose is tightening around star hero Darshan, who has been embroiled in a murder case in Karnataka. The police investigation has uncovered more dramatic truths than any movie plot. Pavithra Gowda have been arrested in connection with the murder.

Darshan is accused of murdering a man named Renuka Swamy, who allegedly made comments about his illicit relationship with actress Pavitra Gowda.

The irony is that Renuka Swamy is a huge fan of Darshan and commented against Pavitra Gowda to ensure she does not interfere with Darshan and his first wife. As soon as Renuka Swamy sent abusive messages to Pavitra, she informed Darshan.

Upon learning that Renuka lives in Chitradurga, 200 km away from Bangalore, Darshan requested Raghavendra, who runs a fan club to get Renuka to Bangalore.

After bringing him to the city, he was taken to a shed at RR Nagar, where he was assaulted, which resulted in his death. Later, the body is dumped in Summanahalli. Reportedly, both Darshan and Pavitra were present at the shed during the assault and killing.

Surprisingly, some of Darshan’s fans are supporting this alleged crime, raising concerns among human rights groups. The fans’ wild reactions to the media’s coverage and the media’s equally aggressive response have become a hot topic.

Meanwhile, some Kannada communities express their anguish over the opinion that Darshan might have committed the crime in anger and should not be considered grave. They also argue that waiting for the court’s verdict before arriving at any conclusion would be prudent.

On the other hand, the case has started gaining political traction, becoming more serious as pressure mounts on the Chief Minister to address it.