‘Pushpa’ Troubles ‘Thandel’ & ‘Robinhood’

In Tollywood, locking release dates even six months in advance doesn’t guarantee a smooth launch, particularly for medium-range heroes. We have witnessed this scenario multiple times in the past. The sudden change of the release of Salaar last year has created a lot of chaos in the planning of releases in Telugu film industry. Now, it looks like the scenario is going to get repeated in December 2024.

Initially, Naga Chaitanya’s Thandel and Nithin’s Robinhood were slated to release on December 20. Both the films offer different viewing experiences to the audiences and hence, they can survive if their content is impressive. However, the entry of Pushpa into the scene might make things go bad at the box office.

The latest update suggests that Pushpa 2: The Rule, initially aimed for an August release, might now be targeting a Christmas release, similar to its first part. This potential rescheduling could significantly impact the December lineup.

Since Thandel is produced by Geetha Arts, the film could be moved away to clear path for Pushpa. But, Robinhood is backed by Mythri Movie Makers, the producers of Pushpa. Hence, they can also seamlessly give an alternate date for the film.

Additionally, the possibility of Dil Raju occupying the December slot for Ram Charan’s Gamechanger is being discussed in the trade. This means both Pushpa 2 and Game Changer could end up releasing at the end of the year, squeezing out other films and causing a potential bottleneck.

The never-ending rescheduling saga continues to underscore the competitive and unpredictable nature of film releases in the industry. All we have to do is to wait for the official dates to come.