Tollywood In Amaravathi: Pawan Kalyan Making Moves

All these days there is a doubt among people if the star Telugu heroes and producers will be risking all the things they built in Hyderabad to go to Vizag to build a part of Tollywood in the new state of Andhra Pradesh as well.

Now that Janasena Pawan Kalyan has won the election, and also become Deputy Chief Minister, surely there is a responsibility on his shoulders to carve out a part of Telugu Film Industry in AP too.

Reports are coming that Pawan Kalyan sought two months from his producers to plan the pending shootings of his upcoming movies like #OG, Ustaad Bhagath Singh, Hari Hara Veera Mallu.

However, the actor wants to make sure that the pending shoots of these films will be wrapped in specially erected sets in and around Amaravathi and Vijayawada, such that he will be available for secretariat, assembly and other important cabinet meetings there.

Though Pawan thought of doing the same earlier, somehow the security issues created by the previous regime in Andhra Pradesh didn’t permit him to take the risk. Now that the power is in his hands, surely he could move earth and heaven to take Tollywood there. Let’s see what happens.