Khalasay From Darling: Frustration Anthem

K Niranjan Reddy of PrimeShow Entertainment is presently making a wholesome family entertainer Darling with Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh playing the lead roles. Ashwin Ram is making his debut as a director with the movie.

Vivek Sagar rendered soundtracks and the makers came up with the first single- Khalasay. As the title alone suggests the protagonist lost hope in life because of his failures. However, he is given gyan and inspiration by people around him. The same is conveyed in a lighter vein by lyricist Kasarla Shyam. The composition is perfect for the situation, while the magical singer Ram Miriyala crooned it effortlessly, alongside Hanuman CH.

The song will connect more to all the boys who are frustrated because of no progress in life. Priyadarshi is seen shaking his leg with poise in the song. It’s a good shift for Darshi from comic roles to a lead man, and Darling seems to be another right pick.

The makers will announce the release date of Darling soon.