Director Who Impressed Chiru With First Film Itself

Celebrating his birthday today is the talented young director Sampath Nandi, popular for his knack for creating commercially successful films that resonate deeply with the mass audiences. His journey began with the debut hit “Emaindhi Ee Vela,” starring Varun Sandesh, which set a strong foundation for his career.

When it comes to Mass Masala Entertainer, Megastar Chiranjeevi is known to be a GOAT. Chiranjeevi was instantly impressed with Sampath Nandi’s commercial treatment in this film and offered him a chance to direct Ram Charan in Racha. While Emaindhi Ee Vela was a youthful entertainer, Racha was a Mass Masala Entertainer.

The movie became a blockbuster and ended as Ram Charan’s biggest hit back then and the actor’s first 40 Crore film. He completed a hattrick of successes with Ravi Teja’s Bengal Tiger.

His ability to present lead heroes in an appealing manner to the masses became a hallmark of his directorial style, evident also in films like Gautam Nanda. As a result, all his films mint money irrespective of their results.

His recent film, “Seetimarr,” starring Gopichand, was another commercial success. The way he presented Gopichand and Tamannah indicated the commercial prowess in the director.

Along with the direction, Sampath Nandi is also into production, aiming to nurture young talents. Young Hero Santosh Sobhan is the find of Sampath Nandi’s production house with Paperboy. Currently, he is generating excitement in the trade with his production of “Odela 2.”

Sampath Nandi is currently working on an ambitious project with a genre that is not attempted by him so far. A big production house will be pooling resources for the project.

As he continues to enthrall the masses with his commercial entertainers, we extend our warmest birthday wishes to this bright talent!