World Of Kalki: Kaashi, Complex & Shambala

For the people who don’t know what to expect from the film “Kalki 2898 AD” featuring Superstar Prabhas, director Nag Ashwin is making sure that he gives lots of details about the movie, much before the release itself. In the recently released second video from the movie, the director explained the world of Kalki and how different each city is.

Kalki comprises three different cities. The first one is Kaashi, which happens to be the first city on earth and also the last city that survived till 2898 AD, until the arrival of Kalki. At the same time, Kaashi will have this modern and futuristic touch, as a city that lacks water and other resources.

And all the buildings and other monuments are built from the already used (recycled) steel and other metals of the world, as there is nothing left now on Earth to create something new. There is no drop of water here, and the city is almost filled with dirt and a lack of facilities.

The other city is the thriving ‘complex’ which rests on an inverted pyramid like structure above the city of Kaashi. This is almost like a ‘Trishanku Swargam’ where there is water, greenery thrives and life is as luxurious as it used to be on the earth. Then there is this city of “Shambala” where people believe that Kalki will be born, and he will put an end to the atrocities being meted out by people from Complex. Even in our puranas, Kalki will be born at Shambala during the end of Kali Yugam.

These three cities will have people wearing different outfits, using different weapons and metric systems as well as distinct rules, explained Nag Ashwin in the video.