Intelligent Nagi Opened Only Big B’s Story

The much-anticipated trailer for Nag Ashwin’s magnum opus “Kalki 2898 AD” has been released, and it has left fans and critics alike captivated by the sheer scale and ambition of the project. However, what has truly stood out in the teasers released so far is intelligently focusing on Amitabh Bachchan’s character, Ashwatthama, but giving no clue about Prabhas’ Bhairava role other than a bounty hunter.

In the first teaser, viewers were introduced to Bachchan’s character, the immortal Ashwatthama, as he prepares to protect Deepika Padukone’s character. The latest release-trailer goes into Ashwatthama’s backstory, showcasing a younger, more intense version of the character as he releases an arrow at Uttara’s womb to end the Pandava bloodline. This strategic decision by Nag Ashwin to center the teasers around Bachchan’s character is a masterstroke, as it not only highlights the legendary actor’s powerful presence but also sets a lot of curiosity around what Prabhas is going to do.

The trailers offer glimpses of Prabhas in action-packed sequences, but his story and role in the larger narrative remain a mystery. This strategic withholding of information about Prabhas’ character is likely to create more buzz and anticipation for the movie. If ‘What is Bhairava’s story?’ is the million-rupee question now, then June 27th will give answers.